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Therapy is in form of 3 easy-insert pessaies to be inserted in vagina, 1 pessary every night for 3 days. Effect of therapy is long lasting, up to 2 years after one time course.

Method of Usage:

1) Soak the tablet in plain water (not cold) for 15 seconds before use. To make it soft for dilution in vagina.

2) Insert the tablet in applicator tip placing narrow part outside.

3) Insert tablet inside the vagina by placing mouth of applicator deep in vagina. For precise usage of applicator see the illustration bellow.

4) Keep tablet inside vagina overnight (8 to 10 hrs.).

5) If found ay undiluted part next morning, remove gently.

6) If remaining part is difficult or imposiible to remove, don't panic, it is harmless leave it inside.

7) Repeat this process continuously 3 nights.

Applicator Figure 3
Applicator Figure 2
Applicator Figure 1




1) Handle the applicator with care while inserting, mishandling can provide minor/serious injuries in vagina.

2) Before use wash hands withmild soap and avoid unhygienic situation, it may cause vaginal infection.

3) It is recommended not to do sexual intercourse during usage and after 3 days of usage for optimal results.



Therapy is free of any risk sinc it is prepared by natural herbs without any blend of chemical. Elements combination is executed accroding to Ayurvedic prose.

There are no side effects of the therapy, it only restores the lost contraction and re-shape the adjoining segments of Vagina.

Virgin therapy is effective in cure of Vaginal dryness, leucorrhoea, provides menstruation period regulation, invokes sexual desire and cures prolapsed uterus.


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