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Therapy primarily contracts the "Labium Minus" and "Vaginal fornix" to provide lost contraction of vagina. Restoration of "Labium Majus" is an important function of therapy, which provides shape and beauty similar to virgin state. "Bulbospongiosus muscles" retrieve the lost strength to restore the shape of vagina. "Ischiocavernous muscles" get tensed; therapy acts as a stimulant to these muscles.


Sensitivity of "Glans Clitoris" diminished due to routine sexual intercourse. Virgin therapy restores the sensitivity of "Glans Clitors" essential for real sexual pleasure and symmetry of orgasm.



Virgin Therapy is preapred through natural treatmen of herbs depicted in well known literature "Ayurveda". Techniques derived from ancient literature have been implemented to process Virgin Therapy.


Following are the Ingredients utilized in therapy...

Acacia Catechu heals vaginal itching and uterus bloat. Effective remedy of vaginal memberane itching.
Punica Granatum relieves vaginal prickling, prickling is a major cause of irritation in females.
Quercus Infectoria Olive works as vaginal contractile and hackneyed reliever. Restores vaginal contraction instantly.
Butea monosperma prevents vaginal itchiness and regulates menstrual cycle.
Terminalia Chebula has a wide antibacterial and antifungal spectrum. The properties of herb stimulate muscles of vagina.
Terminalia belerica has rejuventing, antioxidant and antibacterial properties to provide restoration of vaginal contour.
Emblica Officinalis hold antimicrobial and antiviral characteristics, maintains the long lasting health of vagina.




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