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What is virgin therapy?
Virgin therapy is derived from ancient literature of Ayurveda, tor provide contraction and reform Vagina similar to virginity state.

What is the purpose of this therapy?
Prime opertion of therapy is to provide extreme sensation and satisfacton to couples in sexual intercourse. "Vigrin" renders vaginal beauty parallel to adolescents phase. Therapy provides vaginal contraction, remolds inner, outer and adjoining segments of vagina for overall beauty of female.

Who require virgin therapy?
Females los conraction due to varied reasons e.g. pregnancy, looseness due to improper workout in pre-marital stage, bagginess of vagina due to certain ailments or surgery. Regular sexual play also causes slackness in vagina, hence therapy is recommended to all married females.

Which age groups are eligible for this therapy?
Since this is preparation through natural elements, grownup females on or after 18 years of age can start usage of this therapy.

Who is not eligible for this therapy?
Pregnant females, females with severe vaginal ailments, e.g. infection, having major/minor wounds of vagina/uterus are advised not to use this therapy prior to final cure of disease.

How to Use?
This is simple course of 3 days. 3 easy-insert pessaries have to be inserted in vagina (1 each day) for 3 days. Final result will be obtained after 3 days of usage.

What are the risk factors?
Therapy is free of any risk since it is prepared by natural herbs without any blend of chemicals. Elements combination is executed accordingly to Ayurvedic prose.

How long effects will sustain?
Effect of therapy is long lasting. Though it varies according to individual body temperaments, average effect is up to 2 years after one time course.

What are the side effects?
There are no side effects of therapy, it only restores the lost contraction and re-shape the adjoining segments of Vagina.

What is the repetition frequency of therapy?
Repetition is recommended after child delivery. However therapy can be repeated according to need when looseness established after routine activity.

Are there any additional effects of therapy?
Yes Virgin therapy is effective in cure of vaginal dryness, leucorrhoea, provides menstruation period regulation, invokes sexual desire and cures prolapsed uterus.

What are the available substitutes of this therapy?
A series of surgeries of vagina is only substitute of this therapy which might be less effective than this supplement. Comparison of therapy is not a justification with surgery because surgery is a lot complicated, risky, painfull, and cause many complications and side effects.
Virgin therapy is an affordable, safe and effective solution comparative to extremely expensive series of surgery.

Whether the tablet can be insert in sitting position?
NO, only in sleeping position.

Whether the tablet can insert in standing position?
No, only sleeping position.

Whether the user can walk after inserting the tablet?
For best result insert at time of sleeping.

Can the user exercise during the course time. Gym or normal jogging?
Normal jogging is ok but gym may somtime loose again mussels.

Tablet becomes melt while diping in the water upto 20sec. Tablet become uneven in shape while inserting to vagina, is it o.k.?
Its o.k, Kindly deep for 15 second. It would recommend if full dose inserted properly..

Is it necessary to insert the tablet as given in the diagram, because it is very dificult to move aplicator in vagina?
Not needed to move applicator, just insert and press from back like injections, and the tablet will set itself.

Afte inserting the tablet, is there any position for sleeping, OR the user can sleep as per her normal angle way?
No special position require.

The user felt the size of the tablet is quite thick and was difficult to enter fully within the cap of the aplicator?
After deeping in the water tab get proper place in applicator cap and comeout easily when pused by back side of applicator.

The user hasn't felt any new after applying the first tablet, how she will feel the effect and what are the points she should check to feel the difference?
The User should not aspect the effect on 1st day only, it is depend on body temperament of user. She can check herself by finger method or if she is not aware ask lady doctor, to check her vaginal tightness.

How the user can know the effect of medicin. How much exact time will it take for complete effect?
The user will feel tightness, It take 3days for therepy and 7th day she and her partner both will feel the differences.

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